The Billionaire’s Secret Marriage: Book One of the Limitless Clean Billionaire Romance Series


Stephanie Caldwell just made the biggest mistake of her life – she fell in love with her boss, blind billionaire Branson Knight. When Bran announces his engagement to a heartless and conniving heiress, Stephanie is heartbroken. It’s obvious that Bran’s fiancée doesn’t love him, but Stephanie has to keep her mouth shut, or lose her job – and along with it, the vital health insurance that keeps her daughter alive.

Bran knows that his fiancée isn’t in love with him – the engagement is a business deal, designed to get her out from under her controlling father’s thumb and give Bran shares in a company that manufactures essential medicine for people like Stephanie’s daughter. Getting control of the company means Bran can lower the price and help people get the medication they deserve. Falling in love with Stephanie wasn’t part of the plan – but how can he keep her when he’s marrying someone else?

“Billionaire” is a strong launch to a new series. Ms. Dearen’s prose ensnares the reader from paragraph one and keeps up the pace with admirable dexterity. Corporate intrigue, unrequited love, and the importance of friendships are all touched upon here. Stephanie and Bran are layered characters who develop throughout the book, and Bran’s disability is sympathetically and realistically portrayed. Some of the character development feels rushed and some of the scenes forced, but these are fairly minor complaints. A strong cast of supporting characters indicates that the reader has much to look forward to in the coming series. 

Janice Martin