Beyond Forever


WOMEN'S FICTION:  Thirty-three year old Lily Fincher is dying of uterine cancer, and she has only hours left to live. From her bed Lily recounts every moment of what she’s going through during her final hours of life. Her devoted husband, Kisa, walks through each of these remaining moments with her, ensuring her comfort and her sanity as she visits with her dysfunctional family as they say their last farewells. Lily finds and grants forgiveness for old wounds and arguments with her friends and family before she departs, while Kisa struggles to remain strong for them both — they are soulmates, and not ready to say goodbye. 

“Beyond Forever” is a heart-wrenching and dramatic recount of the moments leading up to Lily's death. Readers will feel as though they are reading a non-fiction retelling of Lily’s last day. Poignant and riveting, readers’ hearts shall break long before the end. While this story seems like an accurate recount, the author’s short epilogue will soften the fall of what promises to be an "ugly cry" ending. The story drags throughout, and a trigger warning may behoove the writer so that someone who has recently lost a loved one from cancer understands what s/he is about to read. “Beyond Forever” is compelling and deeply emotional, taking readers directly into the broken yet peaceful heart of a young woman on the verge of death. A perfect one-day binge read for a rainy day!

Tiffany Landers