Bertie (Pendleton Petticoats #6)


HISTORICAL:  Bertie Hawkins is a young woman recently recovered from a violent attack, although suffering from lingering fear and emotional trauma. Aundy and Garrett Nash offer her a job as a housekeeper on their ranch when Aundy injures her arm, and it is there that Bertie meets emotionally wounded Riley Walsh. Riley is the new owner of a nearby farm, working for the Nash family over the summer.  While Bertie is trying to recover her spirits from her attack, and Riley swears not to marry due to a devastating loss, their growing love is undeniable.

““Bertie” is book six in Shanna Hatfield’s sweet western historical romance series set in 1906 in Pendleton, Oregon, and more than lives up to its name as a sweet historical romance. The love story is slow building, but ultimately satisfying.  Bertie and Riley are both likable and appealing leads.  They both grow and evolve over the course of the book. The interaction of the different town inhabitants, many couples from the previous books, or relatives and friends, adds texture to the novel.  The look at life in the early 20th century will appeal to history fans.  However, the story is too slow moving, and Riley and Bertie’s feelings for each other seem to see-saw back and forth. There is a love triangle that seems inauthentic, and really unnecessary.  With tighter storytelling, this would be an even better romance.  However, sweet historical romance fans will enjoy this story for the characters and glimpse into small town life in early 20th century Oregon.

Danielle Hill