Beneath the Dover Sky (The Danforths of Lancashire #2)


Author Murray Pura has written a lovely, spiritually centered family saga that scans the pre-WWII years throughout Europe. The second book in his Danforths of Lancashire series continues the life and loves, trials and joys of the William Danforth family. Moving from the family estate Dover Sky, to Germany, Jerusalem and America, the story follows Catherine, Kipp, Libby, Roger, Michael and Victoria against the backdrop of unrest and fear in Europe as they witnesses the growth and gathering of Hitler's power.


Writing with such a vast expanse in scope of characters, locations and time (spanning nearly a decade) is a feat to accomplish for just about any author. The reader is somewhat overwhelmed with the different  story lines because of this fact. The writing, itself was smooth and interesting and each of the individual characters grabs one’s attention. It is the breadth the writer uses that takes away from the depth needed to elevate this book to the height it could have been if it had been written with a more focused voice. It takes serious concentration in order to keep the experience from becoming a bit tedious in places because the plot splits into so many divergent directions with all  given somewhat the same weight of importance.  


Still if one enjoys a sweeping, Christian-based family saga that deftly steers clear of profanity and graphic sex while touching on subjects such as adultery, bigotry etc. this is one to try! 


Beth Chamberlin