Battlefield of the Heart

E. A.
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After a sudden encounter with the effects of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and the apologetic stormy-gray eyes of a handsome veteran, college senior Cindy Waymire forms the idea of writing a paper on the effects of PTSD on soldiers returning home from war. She quickly becomes friends with the group of on-campus veterans she is learning from, and her friendship with Danny blossoms into something deeper, despite his struggles. Cindy must decide if she can handle the stressful and sometimes dangerous effects of the PTSD and unearth the generous and gentle man she suspects lurks underneath.

There are some very deep and often neglected topics in this contemporary military romance. Unfortunately, writing issues hinder the story. Large sections are told rather than shown and the reader loses much of what could have been developed in the characterization, conversation and scene progression. While an emotional connection with the character’s struggles begins, it never fully develops.  The author keeps the characters at a distance, explaining their thoughts and feelings, rather than letting the reader become immersed in the emotions and plot line. Although clearly a character-driven novel, the book still lacks any real action to drive the plot forward. Despite these issues, Battlefield of the Heart has great potential and brings up some very real issues while honoring the sacrifices of our military, giving a realistic picture of Christian characters and delivering a sweet yet tenacious romance. 


Stephenia McGee