Battle Scarred Journey


Kim Wheeler experienced hardship at a young age.  Given up by his biological mother for adoption, taken in by a foster family with little affection for a brown-skinned boy, growing up always knowing he was different, shapes him into an angry young man.  Kims early years were devoid of affection; his later years marked by racism and prejudice.  His school years are filled with pain and alienation, never fitting in. Never connecting with his adopted family, he tries to make his way in life but is derailed by discouragement, lack of work, alcohol, and drugs.  The story progresses with Kims highs and lows, with jobs, girlfriends, fights, injuries, and hospital stayswill life ever become right?  A psychologists help is a turning point, as Kim reigns in the rages and excesses of his life.  


Battle Scarred Journeyis a passionate tale of one mans journey in life against insurmountable odds. With a haunting mixture of painful narrative and cathartic poetry, the reader is drawn into Kims drama, experiencing his pain.  As with most biographies, the life events tend to repeat themselves, and the tale would have benefited from some prior editing. The British references are somewhat obscure for those not familiar with them, but they lend a certain authenticity to the story.  Kim is a passionate character, written with deep emotion and feeling.  His story begs for happiness and success after a roller coaster lifetime of pain and disappointment.


Victoria Z. Burg