An Aria for Nick (Song of Suspense #2)


SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Aria Suarez thought she would  become a professional pianist, married to her high school crush Nick Williams, the boy who dreamed of Aria, the army, and escaping an abusive father. All was well, until Nick dies in the war and Aria’s wrist is shattered. A decade later, Aria has successfully turned her musical mind to nuclear engineering and science, but when she stumbles across a plot to assassinate several important government figures, only one person can save her:  a man with the training to stop terrorists, a man who is supposed to be dead. With trust in God, Aria and Nick will have to risk everything to save everyone and find love again.


"An Aria for Nick" is an enticing Christian romance thriller that is bound to keep readers racing through the pages!  Fans of Traci Hunter Abramson for example, will love Bridgeman’s book as it skillfully blends Christian beliefs with romance into a spy-type thriller. The romance between Aria and Nick is sigh-worthy. The chase across the U.S. as they track down the terrorist keeps the reader on the edge of their seat and when characters from past books make an appearance, this entire series becomes a must read. It’s hard to find a romantic thriller like this with Christian themes that doesn’t either become too preachy or simply discards the Christian themes altogether as it goes on. Bridgeman does a fantastic job balancing it all, making this book an instant order. Book one and two are not enough, book three must come soon!


Sarah E Bradley