Cecilia Gage lands a job as a housekeeper for best-selling author Mark Andrews. As she settles into the household she reaches out to Mr. Andrews and his eccentric aunt, and as well attempts to be a bridge between Mark and the pastor. The more she gets to know Mark and what’s behind his aloofness, the more her feelings start to go beyond employer/employee. But when a woman is murdered and he is accused, can everything she knew about her employer be a lie?


This author shines in how expertly she mixes religion into the text without being too preachy and the small town is full of quirky characters that readers will love. The story has a great beginning and draws the reader in immediately with a murder scene and Mr. Andrew being billed as the killer. Then, it goes back in time to when Cecilia met him and changes course from a mystery to a romance. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to invest in a love story when the reader already knows the “hero” is a suspected murderer and for the majority of the book our heroine seems more interested in Mark’s best friend. With no murder to solve until the final chapters, this story doesn’t give the reader satisfaction as either a love story or a mystery. The characters in the drama are memorable, however, and readers will want to find out how there can ever be a happy ending. They won’t be disappointed!


Kate Campbell