Alexandra’s Appeal (Dixon Brothers Book 3)


Twenty-eight-year-old Alexandra Fisher does everything her father wishes, hoping that her obedience would make him love her. That changes when she finds out that she is pregnant and has to do everything for the well-being of her child, whose father is someone her wealthy father, Winston Fisher, detests. Winston strips everything from his daughter, including her trust fund, house, and friends. With no one to help her, Alex leaves New York for Atlanta to find the father of her child, Jon Dixon. Their budding relationship takes them through a series of events, both bitter and sweet, with lots of pleasant surprises. Jon’s family, especially his parents and brothers, play a key role in their journey.

“Alexandra’s appeal” is a charming read that serves the reader with diverse, yet very likable characters. Although the beginning is a bit bumpy, the reader gets an indestructible grip on the storyline once they have the full picture of the lives of the main characters. Alexandra’s character swings between easily assailable and strong-willed, yet her strength is undeterred. This makes the story even more interesting and easy to relate to, especially for readers who are still trying to free their inner strength, irrespective of the pendulum swings of their lives. The ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ aspect of the novel added a beautiful feather to the spicy plot. Yes, this character-driven novel will easily carve a space of its own in the reader’s mind.

JM Lareen