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EPIC FANTASY:  The Red Comet signals the start of the Battle Immortal, the long-awaited fight between the Light and the Dark.

Memories of a Ghost

There is a storm brewing, and Claire Summers is at the center of it. Awakening in a clinic with no memory of who she is, a terror-stricken Claire eludes security and the woman claiming to be her best friend.

Gaby Conte's divorce has left her with a real fear of commitment, so at present the last thing on her mind is of falling in love again. That is, until she meets Silvio while vacationing in Italy.

The Bride's Curse

Kelly Andrews is the owner of Wedding Bliss, a bridal and wedding planning business, and fears that a rumor about one of her bridal gowns having a curse will sink her once-thriving business.

Eighteen-year old Lucky McLaren is a U.S. Army Air Service pilot in the Great War of 1918.