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Margaret Isabelle Abbott could never be herself again. Seriously - she’s been deleted from the records of history after entering witness protection. Having slipped up and been found by the Russian mob seeking to eradicate her from the earth for real, she was once again relocated.

TIME TRAVEL:  Jami Morgan could have lived a charmed life, but her destiny simply wasn’t to follow the family wealth. She desired her own life and knew there was more in the universe for her than being a socialite like her shallow mother.

Island Fire

DYSTOPIAN:  Bea and Sam Whitley are secluded from society by their alcoholic father after the death of their mother. On the tiny island of Lanai, all rely upon the resort for employment and the ocean for sustenance, yet Bea and Sam know poverty far too well.

A Mighty Good Man
Rebecca E.

Hank Jerry has hit the rough patch in the road and needs to get back on her feet. Jack Darcy is running from his past - and literally does just that - running right into Hank one morning. He leaves her seconds to make a choice that will change her life forever, and as usual, she takes a giant risk.

HISTORICAL:  Fiona Robinson suffers the horrible social illness of low self-esteem, fostered by her misunderstanding of the things others say. As she seeks a husband during the Season she thinks she is about to be granted her wish when her world is flipped upside down by the Braithwaite twins.