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Issylte must escape to prevent the Black Widow Queen from finding her. She leaves Avalon
with two Knights who have been accused of treason. They’re determined to prove their
innocence and defeat their enemies. Things don’t quite go as planned when they arrive in
Laying siege to Caerlaverock Castle, Valan MacDougall and his men are expecting an easy task
when it comes to subduing the widow inside. But Lady Elspet Maxwell has no intention of
being taken without a fight. It also comes as a surprise to Valan that she is breathtakingly
Lars Christopherson is a former Homeland Security Agent and a bit of an enigma. There are a
lot of people who don’t know about him, and he has every intention of keeping it that way. It’s
one of those “if I tell you then I have to kill you” sort of deals. He has an impressive skillset and
Miranda Johnson lives alone in rural Arkansas on purpose. She goes by Randi now,
and has created a name for herself as an artist. When a plane goes down near her
property, her private bubble is invaded by every branch of law enforcement
imaginable. Recognizing FBI agent Malone, Randi is shaken by old familiarity, but
A shy, but dedicated, young woman volunteers to act as an impromptu governess to two
unruly six-year-olds on a ducal estate. Seraphina Nicholls recently returned to England
from Upper Canada to rejoin her newlywed twin sister, Araminta, now the Marquess of
Kingston. Minta’s husband, Percy, is one of the Second Sons of London, a tightknit group of