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Always Room for Cupcakes

ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Lila is the mother of twins living in small-town America when her world gets turned upside down. The discovery that her husband is cheating on her leads her into territory she never would could have imagined.

Stephanie Hartwell is a sport journalist living with her fiancé in Seattle, Washington. Her career is progressing nicely, however, as a female she has to prove herself and pay her dues time and time again.

It is well-known that Vian, Virginia’s beloved little brother, would prove better suited for the throne of Newrock, but she is next in line.  When their parents meet with an untimely death, the kingdom faces war.


Katia, adopted and tortured as a child by her father Victor, manages to escape his clutches for several years. When she is recaptured she is put into suspended animation until 2120, when she is awoken by Dr. Julius Freeman.

On the Edge

Andy Parker's husband Stefan died six years ago, leaving her and daughter Hayden Grace all alone. Daily life still revolves around rather strict rules Stefan wrote before his first deployment.