Recent Reviews

High Octane: Ignited (High Octane #1)
Rachel Cross,
Ashlinn Craven

Ronan Hawes is a superstar in the Formula 1 racing circuit, on the fast track to a championship. Relationships are a distraction he’d rather avoid, but a tryst is right up his alley. A new face grabs his attention at the pre-race party, a perfect gal for a one-night-stand.

A Bit of Heaven on Earth

Elizabeth has a stubborn, defiant streak a mile wide, and delights in testing her father’s limits regularly - especially in his pursuit to see her married. Aldred of Kentwood is a legendary warrior, and an old man.

Nothing But Trouble

Frankie Delenski finds herself in a bind when she can’t pay back a loan she had to take out in order to pay for her father’s funeral and final expenses. A dangerous loan shark now has her in his sights and she does the only thing she knows will keep her alive: she runs.

“Trail of Hope” is the second book in the “Hot on the Trail” series but also reads quite well as a stand-alone novel. Callie unwillingly joins her brother and his family on their journey West on the Oregon Trail.

Clyde is a guardian angel tasked with reuniting Jade Ashley with her long lost sisters. They’re Elementals, immortals, and according to a prophecy they’ll determine the outcome of the upcoming war between good and evil.