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Corporate party planner, Vivienne Thompson, has been ordered by her employer to use up some of her vacation time. What better place to spend her unexpected break than with her great-aunt Gertie in the small town of Silver Leaf Falls? Especially during the Christmas holiday season.

Interior designer, Shelby, is about to make her mark on the design world with a huge project. Unfortunately, a combination of both personal loss and business expenses have put her at a low point in her career. Construction company owner, Dane, is also facing some personal challenges when his sensible assistant refuses to become his wife.

Christmas on Scandal Lane (Christmas Rogues and Scandals Book 1)
Lauren Smith, Dawn Brower, Tabetha Waite,
Nadine Miller, Anna St. Claire

It’s Christmas on Scandal Lane and there are lovers to be united for the holiday season. Dashing gentlemen and their ladies are having liaisons on Scandal Lane, some of them good and some not so good. However there are passionate trysts aplenty.Five stories which bring scandal, murder and love everlasting.

A competition between an A list singer and someone who wants to get to the top… Justin MacKenzie is an indie musician and wants nothing more than to be a star. He enters a competition that pits him against Zeli, a singer with insanely long hair and an amazing voice. Zeli is a pop sensation and everything Justin doesn’t like.


Angela Fox is the queen of Myface, a social media app that everyone is talking about. When her account is the hottest of the month, things go into overdrive and everything starts to unravel. You see, Angela is not real. Sebastian Shafer is determined to make a name for himself, if it comes to using Angela Fox to do it, then so be it.