Recent Reviews

Risking Alex

Matt is grieving the loss of his wife and child who passed in a car accident two years ago. When he meets Alex through his sister’s clan there’s a draw to her that he’s never felt before.

Cassandra had the perfect beginning to a perfect life with the perfect man - until he is shot while on duty and ends up in a permanent vegetative state; neither dead nor alive. For six years she goes on with her life as if he will wake up any moment. She coaches her son’s soccer team and meets Matt, a widowed father of two boys of the same age.

A Regency Yuletide

Sophie Davenport is on the verge of being forced into a marriage to keep herself and her mother fed and clothed.

A Pawn for Malice

Jessica had a short but brutal marriage that ended when she killed him in self-defense. She has to get back to her Aunt in Albany, NY and she will be safe.

Shandra has only recently connected with her Nez Perce family, having been kept from them by her parents.