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A Castle for Dragons

HISTORICAL:  When Lord Durham is killed in a dragon attack and the castle under his protection is destroyed, the King sends his adopted son Kyle to help with the village, its people and to slay the dragon.

Tevin is a Grim Reaper. Once he was a Child-of-Balance – given a choice of which House to join: that of Light, Time, or Space. Now Alexcia is one, and she can sway the balance of Creation itself.

Resistance (Hathe #1)
Mary Brock

SCI-FI:  Earth is in trouble: running out of food, energy sources and dealing with severe overpopulation.

Aurora (Rory) Laudner is a newly-minted lawyer working for a small law firm. Her boyfriend of two years, James, is in the same profession.

Accept This Dandelion

COMEDY:  Renee Lockhart is perfectly comfortable behind a microphone, spinning tunes and writing radio advertising spots for KGBR until her friend at the station convinces her to audition for the local take on “The Bachelor”.