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Florian and Ivy are private detectives when their pack duties do not get in the way. Florian Dupree is a vampire and Ivy is a guardian, but they are bound to Parker Reeves' pack.

Alena Novac lives with her father and twin brother, Nicolai, in the circus that is also home to her father’s pack. Bound by a blood curse to her brother, they must protect each other from harm.

Betrothed at birth and betrayed by secrets, Tisa O’Brien loses everything she has ever loved in a matter of minutes.

Specialist Jane Larson and Captain Barnaby Blackstone meet in the midst of the Vietnam War and seek succor in each other’s arms from the harsh realities of warfare.  

Passion Storm

Karina Valdez loves adventure, and winning a trip to the Bahamas is a dream come true.