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PARANORMAL: Orla is a soul possessor and cockle shell seller who lives a very solitary, lonely existence. Her roommate, Molly, is a half banshee who not only understands Orla but lives with her too. Orla is scared to touch anyone, including her best friend, Dave, whom she also loves. Molly loves Cormac, but whenever Molly gets close to her, she inexplicably pulls away.

Talley Jones is a shy nursing student, hiding from a dangerous stalker. Living with her grandparents, she works at a local nursing home and avoids relationships. Talley is a dead ringer for her great-aunt Marie, who has passed away. At Marie’s funeral, she meets Cord Hatch and his grandfather, who was an old boyfriend of Marie.

The Stars in Their Eyes

SCI-FI: Calay and Tess are enjoying an intimate moment in their apartment when all hell breaks loose. The apartment is destroyed, and people are being annihilated by alien crafts. On the run, Calay wakes up disoriented in the middle of a warehouse, covered in blood, and Tess is nowhere in sight. With grit and determination she escapes, and now her sole mission is to find the love of her life.

Tom Logan, a detective for hire, finds himself on a Hollywood movie set when an untimely explosion reveals a dead body. It’s easy to be distracted by the famous actors surrounding him, but he immediately goes to work to solve the mystery. More is revealed as he meets with his friend, Inspector ‘Red’ Clancy of the Homicide Division.

By modern standards, Lord Constantine Kellinggrave would be considered a nerd. He studies butterflies and other species that pollinate plants and flowers. Faith Roth is not a proper lady of the ton, but she has goals.