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MYSTERY:  Taylor is a police reporter who has been assigned fluff pieces ever since his former paper went belly up and he started his new job.

WESTERN:  Widow Dora Tudor is not looking for love, but when she meets Edward Wyllie at the cemetery while she is visiting her late husband's grave, she cannot help feel herself drawn to the handsome wido

Spirit Ridge
L. A.

WESTERN:  Nell Bishop has a nose for investigating and the gumption to defy convention.

Marie's World: The Aftermath
Joe E. Legend,
Kristal McKerrington

Marie, a famous dancer and TV star, returns to her hometown in Scotland to get some relief from the repercussions her twin sister Layla’s tell-all book has caused. With her life exposed and a literal open book, she struggles to rebuild her career and get her life back on an even keel.

Steve Wade is an ex-cop turned PI, whose reputation within and without the police department is one of getting things done, occasionally skirting legal.