Reviews - Historical

Major Lord Felix Knight is a spy for the army and loyal to the crown, who has recovered from being a prisoner of war. He thrives on danger and adventure and has no room in his life for romance like his brothers. Knight meets Catalina, the daughter of the general for Spain, who has been exposed to military life and is a spy for her father.

NOVELLA: Brandon is the son of a Lord but decided to choose a different path in life instead of taking his place in society. He became a physician to help the less fortunate people and finds great fulfillment in his work. Joy is a companion to an older lady who mistreats her and the staff, leaving Joy lonely and miserable.

Lilian Fernsby is a widow enduring the London spring of 1819. She found love with her deceased husband and hopes to find it again but puts on a happy act each evening as she attends society events. Her lonely heart is breaking inside, because she misses being loved and misses her husband and daughter, who both passed away from a fever five years earlier.

It is 1349, and Silene Sparrow has spent four years in a priory and plans to take her vows to become a nun next spring. Her uncle, John Stewart, has plans to use her service to the church to elevate himself politically from his position as the High Steward of Scotland to potentially become the next King of Scotland.

His Misplaced Countess
Davida Ann

After being abandoned by her husband and subjected to his family’s cruelty, Caroline changes her last name. This leaves her on the street and at the mercy of old friends. In order to stay hidden, death is the only way. Five years ago, Phineas came home from war to learn of the death of his wife. He still mourns the wife he barely got to know, but now has a mistress he takes to a dress shop.