Reviews - Historical

Chiara's Choice
Chalon Linton

A sweeping historical romance, Italian fire meets British composure and produces sparks of attraction so powerful, neither Chiara Madero, the daughter of an Italian baron, or Mr. Abraham Jamison, a second born gentleman can resist them. At least not for long.

Lady Adelia Winthrop wants nothing more than to return to England with her father and hope that she can find a husband. However, her father is determined to stay in Egypt, and unfortunately there are no prospects for her hand. However, that all changes when Phineas Fernley shows up. Despite his unkempt appearance, Adelia is intrigued.

In the early thirteen hundreds, Scotland is rife with war, locked in a brutal battle with England. After Robert the Bruce is crowned King of Scotland, English King Edward I takes vengeance by ravaging the Scottish countryside and capturing six members of Robert the Bruce’s court.

Picking up The Gauntlet
Elizabeth Rose

Lady Raven has a twin brother, Lord Rook. They live in England at Blake Castle. It is 1374 and Lady Raven is independent and strong. She excels with a bow and arrow and with swordplay after years of training with her twin. She is also unmarried and getting older.

Christmas Forevermore (A Christmas Romance Collection)
Sally Britton, Sarah M. Eden, Ashtyn Newbold, Karen Thornell

ANTHOLOGY: “A Family Christmas” - Cyril Grant and sister Elizabeth have not spent time with relatives in years. Elizabeth finds it easy to fit in with female relatives finding many commonalities. Cyril feels like an outsider. Jane is his grandmother’s paid companion. She strikes up a friendship with Cyril.