Reviews - Historical

WESTERN: 1879. Suzanna Lindstrom dreams of a better life than her family’s struggling farm. She and her older sister, Julia, travel to the new-founded town of Deadwood, Dakota Territory where Suzanna becomes the schoolmarm.

Lucy Maldon is in a bind. Her fiancé has taken to the continent for a belated Grand Tour with his brother and left her with no word and no proof that he will return to keep his word and marry her. When an opportunity presents itself to go after him, she takes it.

Eleanor Barrington is desperate to marry someone with enough social status to protect her family from embarrassment. Her eccentric and artistic father’s actions have caused her no end of anxiety over the years, so when he decides at the last minute to take their family along on her brother’s Grand Tour, she’s certain the next two years will be long and fruitless.

Abigail's Journey (The Catskills Saga, #1)
Jean C. Joachim,
Michael Magness

When their landlord evicts the Chesney family, Abigail is devastated. Her happy world with a husband she loves and three healthy children has been built in Danbury. Yet, after a letter arrives from Fitch’s Eddy summoning the Chesneys to help run the family inn, Abigail is hopeful the change will fix everything.

A Proper Scoundrel

Diana Barton has worked long and hard to become the owner of multiple railroad lines. When her brother finally leaves the business in her hands to pursue family life in the country, she is determined to make her business a success.