Reviews - Historical

Couples Gregory and Christiana Grandby, James and Sophia Simpson, Todd and Deborah Vandermeer and Thomas and Emma Wellington descend into a world of expectancy and presumption among London's society. The Grandby's honeymoon take them to Italy during their house renovation, while the Simpsons renovate their townhouse and desire to embark on a new venture —parenthood.

When Kate McFarlane is discovered having stowed away on her father's merchant ship, he shuttles her off to live with a nearby relative until he can decide what to do with her.

Farrah, Cloe, and Adrienne Hill are three strong women, each with their own crosses to bear and decisions to make about their future. Will they each make the right choice for themselves or will they be forced to pick at someone else’s behest? Farrah and Cloe only want to be with their husbands and Adrienne only wants to help her long-time girlfriend find a man to  make her happy.

Aurelia is a smart woman, certain she can handle whatever comes her way. She has already proven she can escape unwanted advances from men. She turns to the one person she can, however he's Captain of the Guard and seems to take the side of one of the men who lusts after her. Can she trust him to help her when she needs it, or will he betray her to keep his word?

Meg Henshawe has been through a lot in her life; she runs The Rose and Crown and caters to a very varied clientele. She has a reputation for being tough and is as well known for that as she is for her beauty. She has been on her own for a while when Jake Cohen, a boxer, comes into her life and gives it some meaning.