Reviews - Historical

No good deed goes unpunished for Max, Lord Belvedere, when he agrees to marry his childhood friend, but ends up jilted at the altar on his wedding day. Later that night he consoles himself in the arms of Violet Lilywhite, a woman who is earning her living at an exclusive brothel in London.

Grant Barrett lost his beloved wife, Nessa, when she was swept out to sea, leaving him to raise their daughter alone. Three long years have passed, and Grant has finally taken steps to move forward with his life. Then a miracle occurs, and Nessa is found alive! Unfortunately, she has no memory of Grant, their daughter, or their life together.

Jules Redpenning has never forgotten the girl he married in order to help her. She was young and he left after their wedding. Seven years have passed since that night. Mia Redpenning arrives in Cape Town to nurse the dying mistress of the husband who left her and take care of his children. She has no intention of falling in love, but wants a comfortable life with the man she married.

WESTERN:  Olivia Palmer has lived a sheltered life in a home for unwanted children. When the owner of the home is dying, Olivia is told that she must find a husband in a newspaper advertisement. Olivia chooses as best she can; however, fate steps in and she finds her plans in pieces. Chance Garrison finds himself in a difficult situation when his brother passes away.

Vika Cambel has been taken by Grímr Thorfinnsson and is pregnant with his child.  Grímr adores Vika and wants nothing more than to keep her and his child safe. With so many forces working against them, they must fight through epic danger while Vika tries to keep her distance from the handsome Norse warrior. Will they survive and finally be able to live a happily-ever-after with their child?