Reviews - Historical

The Lyon Sleeps Tonight
Elizabeth Ellen

Opal, frightened and separated from her nanny while with a school group in the marketplace in India, is found by an older schoolmate, Peter. As they weave their way through the marketplace back to the group, Opal becomes enamored with Peter and remains enamored for the rest of her days. A few years later, after they return to England, Peter joins the army.

Holly married when she was only 17 years old and was ignored by her husband. Her husband is killed when he goes off to war. Holly never truly knew her husband and has no desire for love, or to remarry. Joshua is the handsome army captain Holly has been avoiding.  When Holly’s family tries to force her to read the Book of Love, she decides to hide it with Joshua.

Lady Juliet and three friends are set up by a bad man and the scandal ruins their reputations. Scared, she seeks refuge with her fiancé and his family.  Instead of supporting and believing in Juliet, her fiancé kicks her out of his parent’s home.

Warning: This story contains strong triggers of rape and sexual perversion, which some readers may find upsetting. 

WESTERN:  Redemption Bluff is looking for a sheriff above reproach and of strong, moral character. While Sam Miller might not have high moral standing, he figures if a former outlaw can become the Mayor, he might just have a chance at the stable sheriff’s job instead of tracking outlaws as a Pinkerton.