Reviews - Historical

Midwife Lessie MacKenzie is trying to get on with her life and get through each day. She is shocked to find her missing husband standing on her doorstep — the husband she was forced to marry, the one who was injured in the Civil War. He disappeared the day after their wedding leaving her with a memorable kiss.

The Sutherland Devil

Saffy is one of the so-called Sinclair Jewels, but she is definitely not a warrior. She is a scholar. When she finds out her family’s brooch is in the possession of the evil Merrick Sutherland, she decides to leave her scholarly ways, dress up as a squire, and pretend to be a boy in order to get it. Unfortunately, her plan backfires when she’s marked as a spy and thrown into the dungeons. 

World War II: Hitler has taken over large parts of Europe and now has his eyes set on Britain. He and his military commanders now plan for massive air assaults on Britain. Johnnie Shaux is a lead pilot and fighter and sees firsthand how intense the assaults are becoming, and has barely escaped with his life more than once.

The feud between the Ross and McLeod clans is taking its toll on the people, not just the leaders. Malcolm Ross became laird after the murder of his father by the McLeods. There is nothing on his mind but revenge, no matter the cost. After a brutal battle, a dying soldier stabs beautiful healer Elsbeth and Malcolm is drawn to get her help. He takes her back to his keep while she recovers.

The Midnight Hour: All-Hallows' Brides: A Gothic Regency Romance Novella Collection
Kathryn Le Veque, Meara Platt, Scarlett Scott, Mary Lancaster, Maggi Andersen,
Chasity Bowlin, Sydney Jane Baily, Violetta Rand

REGENCY:  "The Midnight Hour: All-Hallows' Brides" is a collection of gothic novellas inspired by the works of famed writer and poet Edgar Allen Poe. Each story is named after its bride.