A Yuletide Regency (A Timeless Romance Anthology Book 21)

Regina Scott, Sarah M. Eden, Jen Geigle Johnson, Annette Lyon,
Krista Lynne Jensen, Heather B. Moore

A collection of six regency romance novellas gift wrapped for the holidays!  In the first story, “Always Kiss at Christmas,” Mary struggles with her social standing and believes that marriage to her childhood friend Julian is the way to gain control of her situation. “A Yuletide Match” brings us a matchmaker who helps close family friends see that perhaps there is more between them that meets the eye.  A family feud between the Salsburys and the Asters stands in the way of happiness for Lady Catherine and Lord Stephen in “The Forbidden Duke.”  In “Mistletoe at Willowsmeade,” social standing kept Julian and Eleanor apart when they were younger, will they find parity as adults? Arabelle is prepared to do the right thing for her family in “Follow the River Home,” but the return of a childhood friend tempts her to follow her heart. After her brother’s death, Celia dreads living in the care of his heir, but Aaron is not what she expected, and Celia is not what Arron expected as a ward in “The New Earl.”  

This wintry collection starts out strong with the story of Mary who is ready to fight for her destiny.  The warm friendship between Chloe and Porter is exactly right for a holiday read and Porter’s rambunctious son brings a delightful sparkle.  Unfortunately, too much unexplained backstory and secondary plot for such a short story is confusing in “The Forbidden Duke,” while misunderstandings and lack of communication, rather than true conflict, make “Mistletoe At Willowsmeade” feel trite.  Arabelle’s love for her orphaned niece and the dedication of Isaac bring back the warm fuzzies in “Follow the River Home,” while a lovely tension between Celia and Aaron close out the collection in “The New Earl.”  This holiday sampler has something to please every regency fan.

Elissa Blabac