In Your Arms, Montana Romance, #3


WESTERN:  Native American Lily Singer was taken from her tribe when she was very young. Growing up she didn’t fit in anywhere, so she put her head down, studied hard and eventually became a teacher. After teaching for seven years in Chicago she is hired in Cold Springs, Montana where the winters are harsh and prejudices are harsher. Once again an outsider, Lily puts her heart and soul into the job she loves. When a string of robberies are blamed on the local Flathead Indians, tempers flare and the town becomes a roiling tempest in danger of erupting into violence against all Indians. At the heart of it all is Christian Avery, Justice of the Peace, trying to keep his town calm and attempting to win Lily’s heart.


Ms. Farmer paints such a vivid picture of a wintry 1897 Montana that it seems as if one has stepped back through time and emerged to observe the events in this wonderful story! Characters are glowing with life and the racial tensions between the townspeople draw the reader’s nerves tight in a constant state of awareness, waiting with bated breath to see what happens when the robbers continue to elude capture and the raw hatred escalates. In addition, the sexual tension between Lily and Christian is one they can’t act upon without fear of being ostracized. Or can they? How daring these two characters are for their time period! Except for a slight dragging of the plot in the middle of the book this is one story well worth reading!


Carol Conley