Reviews - Historical


After Lily Fitzhugh learns her father is imprisoned in New York for being a traitor to the crown, she determines to leave England to get him released. She stows away on the Providence, where she meets gun runner Griffin Faraday. Along with Griffin’s shipment of guns to America, they take on a pirate with an eye for Lily.

Butterfly Bride

Hope Templeton is shocked when her father declares she is getting married to a Marquis. Her intended is named Kit, and he is just as shocked when he sees his new bride for the first time. She is quite plain, stammers and has a rash all over her face. Thankfully, the agreement he made with Hope’s father requires him to leave for Canada right after the wedding.

Mighty Mary

Meet Mighty Mary, the circus elephant who can do it all, from dancing to playing the trumpet.  She has spent most of her life under the captivity of one human or another, experiencing moments of brute force and brief glimpses of kindnesses.  However, there was once a time Mary ran free.  She spent the first part of her life with a herd of other elephants under the watchful eye of her mother.  T

Widow Katya Marlowe, Countess of Stanhope, is a political influencer at a time when women in England and around the world were not recognized as autonomous individuals in the eyes of the law.

The year is 1307 and King Philippe has expelled the Knights of the Holy Temple from France.  Ewan MacKellar and two of his fellow Knights of the Holy Temple flee to Scotland and the protection granted to Templars by Ewan’s grandfather.  Having not been home for 12 years, Ewan is uncertain what to expect when he arrives, however, it was most definitely not news that his brother Ruaidri, now Lair