Yes-These Are Your Grandma’s Romances: A Romance Anthologies from the Fifties


This anthology has a collection of five short love stories, showcasing finding love in the 1950’s. The anthology consists of the following stories: Ed Loves Marnie, a single mother gets a second chance at love; Willa Thomas: Attorney-in-Love, co-workers find love in the workplace, which isn’t allowed; Professor Knows Best, a professor and student find love in the past; His Private Secretary, a secretary finds love with her boss; and The Bachelor Father, a father finds love with nanny number 5.

“Yes-These Are Your Grandma’s Romances: A Romance Anthology from the Fifties” is a collection of five short romantic stories that are full of intriguing, enticing, and engaging treats from the fifties. Each story has different characters that readers will be able to relate to in some way or another. The characters are very believable, and their feelings are realistic. The author deftly illustrates the different places and circumstances in which people can fall in love. Nancy Fraser has done an excellent job in researching and describing the 1950’s in each of the stories, and the reader will easily be able to picture themselves there. With this being an anthology, the word count is limited, so readers may feel like the stories are somewhat rushed, and the romances develop very quickly, sometimes at an unbelievably fast pace. Even though some depth of development is lacking in the romances due to length constraints, they are nevertheless very enjoyable. One will enjoy the facts that are added by the author at the end of each story, and will learn so much more about the fifties. This collection of stories is definitely lighthearted and make for fun summer reads, and readers who love a happy ending will not be disappointed! There is a story for everyone held within this anthology.

Victoria Zumbrum