Wronged and Respected - The Gentleman's Valiant Wife


Noèle finds herself alone, tending her infant, Ophélie, and recalling memories of her husband, Étienne. Even though he perished two years ago, she cherishes memories of their love. The Duret family becomes a haven for her after a privateer ravages her. When the unwelcome Dubois returns, she resists. When the dishonorable Dubois finds the hiddenbaby, he beats Noèle. He takes her and the baby, burning her home. Henri Duret finds Noèle and returns her to her family to recover. Determined to get her back, Henri Duret provides a ship and captain to rescue the baby. Ian Stewart, captain of Duret’s ship, reinvented himself to escape the life he left behind. He promises to take Noèle,  vowing to find her daughter. Along their tenuous journey, Ian and Noèle re-live their painful pasts in their nightmares. They are both unwilling to trust their innermost feelings with anyone. Will their secrets unconsciously emerge while they travel the sea searching for Ophélie? And will either of them risk their hearts to find a happy ending?

Readers will discover a deliciously crafted adventure of second chances and family commitment. Follow the exciting story as Ian and Noèle discover their innermost desires in life by helping one another work past emotional barriers. The process of giving support deepens their relationship in unexpected ways, and it’s touching to watch. The backdrop of the high seas highlights insightful and thoughtful character development, and simmering romance intertwines with honest feelings of the past, but most importantly, the future. “Wronged and Respected” is a perfect choice for fans of Scottish historical romance. It stands well on its own, and becomes a teaser to devour the series.

Simone Dober