Written in the Cards


Maggie Rutherford barely escapes high society New York, during her wedding, to keep control of her life…and her money. Determined to live her life the way she wants, she heads west. Ben Morgan was a homesteader, until Indians killed his wife. Since then, he’s been nothing more than a wandering card sharp. They meet up in Abilene, where she interviews him for her newest dime novel, and the West will never be the same.  Powder, meet spark. 

Not only does the New York setting scream with authenticity, so does the West, as the homesteaders move out after the Civil War. Not overly stuffed with ridiculous details, every distinction is made to introduce details woven in perfectly with the actions of the characters and blend seamlessly into Maggie and Ben's world-views and identities.  Though Maggie is much stronger than your typical socialite of the mid-1800’s, her unhinged upbringing, left mostly up to her older brother, is absolutely believable. There is nothing she can’t do, yet not once does it feel contrived. She is smart, and knows how to work around a problem with logic until she gets her desired results. Ben and his attitude are historically accurate, yet there is a natural opening for the sensitivity that modern women gush over. He has suffered immensely, from the War to the death of his wife, to that of his brother.  Aloof, but with a heart of gold, you can’t help but love him. With a tight story, historically accurate, naturally strong characters, both good and bad, and details to perfection, the American Western Romance does not get better than this!

Julie York