Wrapped in Red (Colors of Scandal Book 4)


An old affair flaring to life is a surprise no one wants for Christmas, yet that’s what both Lady Amelia and the Marquess of Winchester find coming their way. After an affair with an abrupt ending, they haven’t seen each other in thirteen years. But the heart never forgets, and the minute the two are flung together once more, they may as well be under hanging mistletoe. The spark remains, but Amelia has a secret she is afraid will destroy their blossoming relationship. There is danger afoot as well, as Cornelius’ past life as a spy is still trailing him. A random shot, an arrow out of nowhere . . . these do not make for the most romantic walks in the garden.

This holiday historical is a treasure, with vivid descriptions engaging all of the reader’s senses. Little details make all the difference, with phrases such as “a knot of twittering young ladies, all wearing pastel colors so that they resembled a box of roses.” The plot is evenly paced without being rushed, and a healthy dose of suspense plus sexual tension keeps the reader turning the pages. Characterization of both the hero and heroine, along with Amelia’s bothersome cousin, make clear the barriers to what promises to be a successful love-match. Originality is the only point on which the story falls a bit short, following the rubric for the holiday romance, at times, a little too predictably. As a classic trip back to Regency England, however, this one is a perfect getaway to curl up with by the fire, surrounded by holiday trappings.

FS Brown