World of de Wolfe Pack: The Lone Wolf's Lass (Kindle Worlds Novella)


Brianna O Mathuna doesn't mind living in poverty as long as Robert O'Faolain is in her life. As a girl, she vowed he would be her husband, but when her dying father's last wish is to see her wed, it is Robert's brother Ferghus who offers for her hand. When Ferghus dies on the battlefield, leaving Brianna with child, Robert finally has the chance to step in and show her that he has loved her all along. Brianna will have to forgive him for past sins and decide if she can love a man who did not fight for her when she needed him most.

Mia Pride has a lovely, lyrical voice and readers who enjoy their historical romances wrapped in Irish accents and warring clans will find themselves right at home. While Ms. Pride weaves a strong story, some readers may struggle with a heroine who is in her early-to-mid teens throughout a narrative with sexual content and a dynamic between two brothers that feels more like a failed ménage than a love triangle. Readers may also struggle with Robert as an irredeemable hero based on the things he says and does to Brianna to convince her he doesn’t love her. Despite the problematic elements within the narrative, Ms. Pride still brings a well-developed story and a supporting cast of characters that enhances, rather than deters from, the twists and turns of this romance.

Amanda Lyn