World of de Wolfe Pack: Breton Wolfe (The Wolves of Brittany Book 1)


Promised at birth and later married to a brute for the sole purpose of bringing forth a royal heir, Adele, the Countess de Vannes, soon finds relief from her abusive husband when he is killed while battling invading Norsemen. However, her relief is short lived when the leader of the conquerors, Valdrik Vargr, comes to claim his spoils of war. With a sole purpose of building his empire, Valdrik has come to claim the Duchy of Vannes, including its beautiful Duchess. However, neither Adele nor Valdrik anticipated the mutual attraction that rose up between them. 


Even though this is an oft-told medieval tale of the invading Norse hero claiming the heroine as part of the spoils of war, this enthralling historic romance grabs one’s attention from the very beginning and doesn’t let go until the very last word. Consisting of well-defined characters that are engaging, a smooth, flowing plot, passionate love scenes, and plenty of intrigue, this action-packed novel compels one to turn the pages as it stimulates the senses while pulling at the heartstrings. The reader might feel a little cheated by a too-rushed ending, however, this well-written story is not one to miss! Fans of history as well as romance will be captivated by this entertaining and enjoyable story and want to add it to their collection.


Janna Shay