Word and Deed

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After Verity Favian’s father dies unexpectedly (as unexpected as it can be when the poor man was murdered), she finds herself in a dicey situation.  As a witness, she’s in a very dangerous position -  killing her might make people suspicious, but she can’t be allowed to roam free and share her knowledge. The solution – marry her off to the highest bidder – Lord Silvanticus. If only she could stop thinking about his servant – Bryn Wolfe.  While Bryn doesn’t have the commanding presence of a lord, he is the one Verity yearns for. With his kindness and good nature, he slowly, but surely, wins her over.

A truly amazing story, even if a bit too short. Both Verity and our hero are very well-drawn and likable. Their love is so believable, the reader will cheer for their happily-ever-after! The heroine’s strength, in spite of the times where that characteristic was frowned upon in women, makes her interesting.  What really sets her apart, though,  is the lack of stupid decisions, or the infamous TSTL (Too Stupid To Live) moments, so refreshing!  And, the hero – in one word - yummy!  The vividness of the characters and the feel of earlier times make this story one that's impossible to pull away from!

Ana Smith