To Woo a Highland Warrior


When Baron Liam MacKay hears a scream in the distance, he rushes to the aid of a damsel in distress, Emeline LeClaire. But even when her tormenters are gone, she is not out of danger. When a storm hits the Scottish Highlands, Liam and Emeline must shelter up together for their safety. After the tragic circumstances of his late marriage, Liam had vowed never to fall for a woman again, but Emeline LeClaire is hard to resist. Liam must solve the mystery of Emeline’s plight all while keeping her safe and confronting his conflicted emotions.

Collette Cameron has created two strong leading characters with a strong flavor of the Scottish Highlands. At times, the language truly evokes the feelings of the period. Unfortunately, the use of adjectives could be called excessive, at times making it difficult for the reader to follow the author’s train of thought—especially with the occasional lapse in grammar. The book’s action starts and ends strong, creating an exciting sandwich of adventure. The middle section, however, drags a bit and does not ultimately drive the action forward. The dialogue provides just the right amount of Highlander flavor while also creating compelling character development for Emeline and Liam who both have deep and intriguing backstories. The cast of secondary characters show hints of fun personalities, though so little is seen of them as to leave the reader wanting more. When she wants action, Ms. Cameron truly creates it—the end of the book will bring the reader to the edge of their seats!

Shailyn Rogers