The Wonder of Love (The Book of Love 11)


Willow is an innocent young woman whose sister found love and happiness with The Book of Love. Her sister passes the book to Willow, who starts reading hoping to find her true love also. Willow is staying at the Coaching Inn before her trip to London for her society debut when she notices someone setting fire to the Carriage House. She rushes to save The Book of Love and punches the magistrate, Shayne in the nose when he tries to save her. Shayne knows Willow is trouble from the moment he sees her. Now he must do his duty to protect her until the villains are captured.

“The Wonder of Love” is a cute and fun romance that will leave the reader wanting more. Meara Platt has created a lively and entertaining story filled with enjoyable characters and villains who cause trouble throughout the story. The author has done an excellent job in describing the time, and how people must dress and behave. The reader may feel that the story is slow in pace and deals with the same issues for too long. Although, the main characters, Willow and Shayne’s constant bickering, and chemistry brings the story to life along with tons of laughter. “The Wonder of Love” is Book 11 in the Book of Love series, and can be read as a stand-alone.

Victoria Zumbrum