A Woman So Bold


MAGICAL REALISM:  Landra Elizabeth Andrews has become trapped in her life due to a dark secret that haunts her. Her mother died when she was young and her father soon remarried. She managed to complete her education, but still finds herself living at home, raising her siblings, and tending the homestead and farm - she is on the shelf at the age of 20.  Then William Cavendish moves into the area and opens doors to a life that Landra didn’t believe she could have. If only life could be as simple as the dreams she has of her future. 


The most poignant aspect of "A Woman So Bold" is the setting. The rural south in the 1890s, specifically northern Florida, brings a specific voice to the tale through the characters and the plot. Landra narrates the story, which can become monotonous in the tone utilized, but may also be the style of speaking that matches the locale. Although labeled a romance it is a tad lacking in an emotional connection to romantic relationships. The familial connection between the Andrews is considerably stronger. The dark secret is very predictable, and seems to be merely a plot device. The power of  Young's writing is an insight into the rural community and how people are affected by their living situations. Who the characters become is defined by the setting. Landra's story is a delicate landscape painted for the reader to enjoy. 


Penelope Anne Bartotto