Woman of the Mists

Lynn Armistead

NATIVE AMERICAN:  The village shaman has consented to the marriage of Auro and Teeka! Teeka is the most beautiful of the Tegesta—an ancient people of the Florida Everglades—and is everything Auro has ever wanted. But when the King of the Kahoosa arrives unexpectedly and claims Teeka as payment for the safety of the village, Auro is beside himself with anger and grief. He must find a way to ensure her heart belongs only to him.

Teeka has no choice but to leave with the Kahoosa warrior king. To protest would mean the annihilation of her people. Her sacrifice is the only way to keep them safe, but she will patiently conspire for a time when she can return to her people and the waiting arms of Auro. 

An undercurrent of sensuality runs a steady stream through “Woman of the Mists”. McKee’s surprisingly unique love story evokes a mercurial tide of intense emotions, and speaks to her talent as a writer. Unfortunately—as is sometimes typical of historicals—it strays into the history lecture mode where the reader is forced to understand instead of lead, and tilts uncomfortably into the TMI zone. In this case, though, it rides the line so it may be enjoyable to historical purists. Either way, have a box of tissue handy as this love story is at least a two-hanky - and that’s a very good thing!     

Sofia St. Angeles