A Wolfish Tryst at Christmas


Elizabeth VanHussen is patiently waiting for Captain Blake Harrison at the Christmas ball being thrown by her Uncle James.  They have continued a correspondence in spite of the civil war that has kept them apart.  If only they could have some time together she would show him all that she feels and more.  Tonight is her perfect opportunity and she will not let it slip by. 

Blake has a secret that he has shared with Elizabeth but wonders if she will accept him completely? A chance that he is willing to take and tonight he must take it.  When they meet two hours prior to midnight at the gazebo, it will be a rendezvous she will never forget - nor will the man or wolf inside him.
This is a short story that will leave your senses on fire! Elizabeth and Blake have such a short time to be together and with the war at hand they cannot be certain of having another day.  This kind of desperation is felt by both the characters and the reader.  Blake is confident and a bit cocky while Elizabeth is a demure young southern girl. The story does lack some background information which would give more depth and fullness to both the characters and the story. The progression is very quick from longing to an intense passionate affair. Almost too quick, as the reader doesn't have quite enough time to switch gears. However, if steamy love scenes are the most appealing part of a story, then this one can certainly warm up any winter night!

Margaret Faria