Wolfesword: de Wolfe Pack Generations

Le Veque

Cassius de Wolfe is not only a renowned warrior, but even King Edward himself has joked about Cassius’ good looks and the effect he has on women. Cassius is the Lord Protector of King Edward and is tasked with bringing a message to the Duke of Doncaster. He intends to deliver the message and then be on his way. His time in the village attracts the vicious, Amata. Cassius rejects her advances. However, he soon meets the lovely daughter of the Duke, Dacia. She keeps her face covered because of freckles and many in the village are superstitious. He is not just captivated by her beauty but her intelligence and kindness as well. Amata doesn’t take too kindly to this new couple and will do anything in her power to keep them apart.

As they say, “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!” The villainess in this story is quite terrible and one readers will love to hate. They will also be rooting for Dacia and Cassius! As always, Ms. Le Veque weaves a beautiful, historical epic! Readers will love the minor historical details and the creation of the warrior family and its history. It adds so much depth to each and every book. This tale is truly touching. Dacia has become a recluse, terrified of people staring at the deadened spots on her face. It is Cassius who teaches her how beautiful she really is, convincing her she has no reason to hide her face. Unknowingly, Cassius also teaches her how to stand up and defend herself. The characters will captivate readers and make them wish the story would never end!

Amanda Hupe