Wolfestrike (De Wolfe Pack Generations Book 2)

Le Veque

Having lost his wife and baby during childbirth, Thomas ‘Tor’ De Wolfe has no interest in looking for a replacement. Being left to care for her two sisters is bad enough, especially as they feel that they have a say in his life and how he lives it. It’s bad enough to be battling enemies, he doesn’t need to be fighting the women in his life too. Isalyn De Featherstone has no intention of settling for a provincial life, she has her heart set on the big city, and thinks that no man will be able to sway her from that until she meets Tor. Even if she would rather he looked elsewhere, it seems he only has eyes for her, but is that enough to give up her dreams? 

Set in the 1300’s this romance really does transport the reader to a time when lives were extremely different. Although listed as book 2, it did work as a standalone. There are a lot of characters to try and keep track of, but it seems this is just the general style of the author, and a family tree is provided at the beginning to help keep everything straight. Longer than many of the highland, or other historical counterparts out there, the pages move swiftly with plenty of action in numerous locations. The unexpected twists are cleverly done and keep the reader guessing almost until the end!

Melanie Newton