Wolfeheart: de Wolfe Pack Generations

Le Veque

In the opening pages, the reader is dropped into the year 1300, on the lands bordering Scotland. The cold-hearted lord of Trastamara Castle, Roget de Sauque, is planning a visit to his mistress at Mordrington Manor, another of his holdings. To his shock, he finds it overrun by her brethren. The visit does not end well. When news of his death reaches Trastamara and his neglected wife, Lady Amabella, she fears for her own and her children’s safety. She sends a message to her allies, the de Wolfes, who appear with a substantial army of well-seasoned knights. Among them is Markus, a yet-unmarried colossus of a man who has no idea how his life will change in the coming weeks.

Gripping the reader from the start, this story is a virtual trip back in time to the brutal Middle Ages. Although there are plenty of expertly painted battle scenes, the strength in this tale comes from the human element: deep characterization of the players. All of them, from Markus to Amabella to her youngest child, are so completely carved that the reader has no choice but to become enraptured. The unconventional romance between Markus and the older Lady widow develops slowly but realistically. Throughout, her children steal our hearts—as well as that of Markus. One cannot help but fall in love with the man himself, a fearless but compassionate giant. With tender moments and scorching love scenes, “Wolfeheart” is a skillfully paced, engrossing adventure, a poignant love story, and a most satisfying read that will have fans of historical romance anxiously awaiting more!

FS Brown