WolfeAx - De Wolfe Pack Generations Series, Book 7

Kathryn Le Veque

Bartered to pay her father's gambling debt, a beautiful young Delaina de Courant is trained to become a highly sought after courtesan. Known as "The Ruby", one of the King's Seven Jewels; she's often sequestered from "polite" society. Having served many masters; she is presented with a chance at freedom when her latest master unexpectedly dies. Magnus de Wolfe, Commander of the King's Guard, feels compelled to assist Delaina, firstly because he is a knight and a gentleman, and secondly because she strongly stirs something within him he has never felt. Realizing her lot in life was forced upon her and her future is just as bleak, he offers to marry her. Magnus and Delaina manage to spend a passionate night together before circumstances rip them apart, leaving them both heartbroken.

Filled with unrelenting emotions, "WolfeAx'' is a powerful love story between a knight and a lady of the night. Time will slip away as readers become immediately engrossed in a story of forbidden love and star-crossed lovers in the medieval generation of the De Wolfe family. The well-known love at-first-sight feelings are delivered with an intoxicating intensity. Betrayal and heartbreak are laced with enough palpable anguish to cause teeth grinding and teary eyes. Secondary characters are well-defined with their own stories to tell. Although this is a slow paced tale filled with honorable knights and despicable politicians, it is saved from the predictable damsel-in-distress trope with an interesting twist in the storytelling. A proven master in delivering page turning romance, Ms. Le Veque doesn't disappoint with her continued foray into her vast encompassing world of the De Wolfe Pack. 

Tonya Mathenia