A Wolfe Among Dragons

Le Veque

Blayth the Strong is a renown Welsh warrior leading the rebellion against the English. Born a bastard prince, or so he is told, he cannot remember anything about his past since the battle that left him scarred and without his memory. All he knows is the past he is told, yet nothing ever felt right. Dreams of people unknown haunt him. And when he meets the Welsh Dragon Princess Asmara ap Cader, he begins to question everything he has known since his near-death experience. Asmara is a woman warrior who follows her own instincts, including her instinct that there is much more to Blayth the Strong, and together, they are determined to discover who he really is.

 Wow.  It is very rare to find a book so filled with accurate medieval details, emotions so intense the reader is left in tears more than once, and a balance of such a complex storyline and dramatic characters set into a rich world of long ago. Blayth is strong but gentle and kind. Asmara is powerful, independent and loyal. Together, they are the perfect love connection. Every supporting character is unique and, though the plot is intense and the story complex, Kathryn Le Veque deserves a standing ovation for pulling it all together seamlessly. Whether one has read a De Wolfe epic novel before or this is the first, the reader is sure to be swept away in a tide of ancient warfare and passionate love while choking back tears of both sorrow and joy. Bravo, Ms. Le Veque. This is a well-deserved five-star read for any historical romance reader!

Dahlia Gosney