The Wolf and the Witch (Blood Brothers Series Book #1)


Jean le Beau, a villainous mercenary is deceased, but it is discovered his estate, Chateau de Vries, is promised to Jean’s brother, Gaston, instead of his eldest son, Maximilian. Maximilian, shocked by the turn of events, walks away to claim the broken Kilderrick, hoping to one day secretly reclaim the estate. His newly discovered half-brothers, Amaury and Rafael, follow him to this unknown land, rumored to be occupied by witches. Alys Armstrong, one of the supposed witches, remembers Maximilian from her father’s reign. She will stop at nothing to avenge her father and withstand the seductive sparks between them. When Maximilian vows to have her as his wife, Alys and her female companions do all they can to get rid of those threatening their home of Kilderrick, no matter the consequences.

This captivating, enemies-to-lovers novel wraps readers in a blanket of sexual tension that ignites one with heaps of passion and an unwavering sense of adventure. Anyone will fall in love with “The Silver Wolf” and his need to claim Alys as his bride. The constant level of distrust between the two is maddening, but certainly does a wonderful job of keeping one in tune with the story. Unfortunately, the vocabulary used in the novel doesn’t always match with the appropriate timeline of this historical fiction, but the author makes up for it with a well-crafted plot. The constant switch of POV’s between outside characters also gets confusing, since the story revolves around Alys and Maximilian, but it allows for a well-rounded and developed novel in the end. This historical romance will have one craving more of this enthralling world of intertwined storylines.

Austen Grace