Without Words


WESTERN AMERICANA:  Bret Hunter is a bounty hunter.  Even so, gunning down a thief and murderer in front of an innocent lady creates a problem.  Seeing the woman is starving and obviously has no one, Bret determines to find a safe place to deposit her while he collects the reward. 


Although Hassie Petty had no idea Rufus was a murderer, he had possessed the last ten dollars she hoped to feed herself with.  Mute, with no family left, she is now stuck with a cold stranger and nowhere to go. How can she convince this man she is capable of holding her own and helping him out long enough to make a way for herself in life?


For a superb American Western, look no further!  Realistic and engrossing, this story keeps the reader anxiously turning pages without the huge gunfights or earth-shattering plot devices so often employed in this genre.  Rather, it takes the unique approach of following a woman who can’t speak through all the trials, biases and heartache having an impediment carried in that time.  It also shows us a man from a well-to-do southern family after the Civil War as he fights against their manipulation and scorn at his choices.  Bret and Hassie’s love grows slowly, realistically over time which lends credibility and depth to this emotionally rich tale.  While Hassie’s reasons for her choices at the end of the book are understandable, the abruptness and non-communication with the man she so deeply loved didn’t ring true and holds the only glitch in an otherwise pitch-perfect romance!


Ruth Lynn Ritter