Reviews - Historical

Winter of Solace
Le Veque

“Winter of Solace” opens with a scene that proves Caius d’Avignon does not give up on a challenge, even the challenge of remaining a bachelor. Premier knight, Caius d’Avignon, also known as The Britannia Viper, is sent to resolve the tension between neighbors. To Caius’ surprise, the reported situation is false, and he finds himself torn between loyalties.

When Lord Dumberton, Ian Blake, loses his wife, society can’t decide whether he is a murderer or whether he just failed to protect his depressed wife. Either way it has certainly put a tarnish on his reputation. Not that he cares.


When James, the Earl of Darkmoor’s fiancée, Lady Raven Winthrop, disappears without a trace, he spends the next five years mourning her loss and drinking himself into oblivion on the anniversary of the last time he saw her. He withdraws from everyone in his family, barely living a half-life, a shell of the man he used to be.

Bethea Glanville was determined to become a part of, and thoroughly enjoy, the high society of Edinburgh… and then she learned how many rules there are to follow, how boring it is, and how malicious the people can be. After attracting the unwanted and terrifying attention of the Earl of Montieth, Bethea winds up in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Chaos greets Calliope when she enters Winn’s household as the newly appointed governess to his nieces and nephew. Even though he clearly has no idea what to do with children, he is terribly handsome, even when he is maddening. Winn thought his home being overrun by children was bad enough, until Calliope shows up. She looks like no governess he has seen before.